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    Shortened Waterbox

    I have seen pictures and heard mention of shortened GPR waterboxes, who has done it? and what are the benefits? thinking of doing it to my 1200 waterbox...

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    hey paul from what ive read the stock water box was what most guys were gettin best results with. your ski will obviously be much louder cuz when you shorten it the main purpose of cuttin it open is to remove the restrictive baffle inside which if removed may result in bottom end and mid range power loss. people already say they lose power when a free flow kit is installed but i believe thats basicly dew to not enough mods to even support that type of flow gained, so you may see the same result. if your lookin for alil more power you may wanna invest in a head or milling your head, are you running an efi? seems like your gettin alot of air into your motor but are you gettin the proper fuel needed to achieve any gains. just food for thought think you'll see better results from one of those mods

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