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    Fried electronics

    Bought a '98 760. Carb seems to drain down after just a couple of days and requires priming to start. Battery also drains after a few weeks and have jumped several times, even with new battery. Recently jumped the battery while in an awkward situation and accidentally reversed polarity, and now can't get a start permissive. What is best way to determine what I've fried? Once I get it running again, I'll tackle the carb issues using the good info from previous threads.

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    Unfortunately, I went through this recently on my '98 GP1200. IF the wiring is the same, this should get you cranking again:

    First, check for any blown fuses and replace.

    Second, on the schematic, there is a brown & red wire pair from the start button / lanyard switch. This connects to a brown & red/yellow wire pair that leads to the multifunction display ("MFD"). Disconnect this connector and hold on to the brown & red half.

    Third, there is a second brown & red pair of wires that leaves the MFD and goes to the CDI via a different connector. Disconnect this connector and reconnect the appropriate half with the half you saved from the step above. The connectors are slightly different, but they do mate securely.

    You have now bypassed the MFD, but still have the safety of the lanyard. The Start and Stop switches should work normally but without the MFD security features.

    Good luck.

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    priming is just the nature of the beast.. get a primer system ( yamaha must have known whats up, they installed that little prime port screw in the top of the inlet)..

    your battery is being drained by the message center.. only fix get a disconect switch mounted inside the hull ... or just take the cable off after usage..

    both the above are typical gp issues and not unusual, your accidentaly reversing polarity is another matter.. mike has replyed to you of his adventures in fixing this..

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