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    Triton Single Trailer (Close to Michigan) or Canada

    Hi Guys

    Terrible news, some asshole stole my trailer today at the marina (cut the lock). I had to get my jet home on my flat trailer (wood bunks) im kind of worried to leave it like that.

    Its a triton LT trailer just like the one pictured below. Im looking to buy the same one again.

    If anyone has one for sale at a decent price please let me know. I have family in Michigan so i can drive to nearby states to get it.

    All the best
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    Did you report the theft?

    What type of lock were you using?

    Have you been shopping craigslist and such in the Michigan area?

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    i reported it right after it happened, I even have video footage of him stealing it. My friends are cleaning up the video to try and get the plate.

    It had a pin lock i got from princess auto a while back. It was just too weak and he basically split it using a crowbar or something similar.

    You prob know the area if you are from toronto, it happened at port credit.
    Im looking online to see it but no luck yet.

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