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Thread: open crank case

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    open crank case

    So i pulled my motor apart and have an open crank case. Since it will be sitting like this for a while while I get my cylinders replated and carbs rebuild, I was wonder what I should do to the crank and crank case? The crank is still in the crank case. Do I spray it with some sort of rust inhibitor? Or ??????


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    motor still in the ski?

    regardless, get a plastic bag, spray storage oil or CRC56 or the like into case and liberally on the crank and rods, cover with the plastic (garbage) bag, cover again with large towel or something suitable, make it comfortable, say good night...
    do not use WD40, or silicone spray...

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    can I just put 2 stroke oil in the crank case and turn the crank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandyhookrider View Post
    can I just put 2 stroke oil in the crank case and turn the crank?
    sure, I just don`t think you`ll get into every nook and cranny without a pressurized spray... which ever route you chose, make sure you get out the bulk of the liquid before starting the ski, and you can do this simply by removing the spark plugs, placing a rag over the plug holes and cranking the engine ov er to expell the oil/liquid...
    I still think fogging oil is your best bet...
    in any circumstance protect the rods and case when even turning over the crank by hand so they don`t slap and cause nicks...

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