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    Cool '96 SPX....Dies at WOT

    Ski is a 1996 SPX 720 stock. Had this problem surfaceing/beginning when hit
    a Big Wave sideways and broke all four motor mounts & ski took in water thu
    Carbone ring. Fixed ring, mounts, & rebuilt carbs. Recent work was new fuel
    lines, clean swab tank, cleaned selector, in-line filter after carbs, new gas w/stabil, separator/filter cleaned, tuned pipe orifaces wired & air chucked. All
    wires cleaned & dielectrical greased, fuses too. Wanted to run ski with stabil to put up in storage, But only at WOT it will either 1. run out of gas? 2. Disarm
    the mpem? 3. Loseing the ground? I have not been into the Stator. The ski
    really rocks outta the hole and at mid-range, and acts like the Lanyard was pulled after attaining WOT. It easily restarts immediatly when start button is depressed. Pulling my ears! Oil tank at 3/4 full. Compression is 149-mag 150-pto. BR8ES plugs gapped at .020, mocka. 93 octane. Siezure or Electrical, Anyone had a similiar experience please tell me what cured yours! Oil filter was replaced 3 mo.
    ago. All cables & zerks greased. This issue is bewildering.

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    Oil Filter was sludged like Blubber, wouldn't let oil pass. Engine was oil lean seizeing. Thanks for
    interest in this issue. The oil filter on this ski had never been changed. I got lucky THIS TIME $$$$$

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    Good save.

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