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    Jet Boater Needs Some Help

    I have the Yamaha XR1800 which has two 1200r engines. I had one of the engines quit at 6K rpm. Checked compression and it was even on all three cylinders, tore head off and all the pistons looked good. Checked all the oil lines all was good. Put it together and tested it on the hose, and I had water pour out my carbs. I sprayed oil into the carbs and tried it again and I still had water pouring into the engine bay through the carbs. I took the spark plugs out and turned the crank and I had no water coming out of the plugs. I sprayed oil into the carbs and reved it for 20 seconds off the hose. I later took the carbs off and got as much water out as possible. Obviously, I have a leak in my exhaust some where that is causing it to leak. Anyone have any suggestions where to look. Could this be the result of reusing the head gasket?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetboatdave View Post
    I Put it together and tested it on the hose, and I had water pour out my carbs.
    If the motor wasn't running and you flushed it with water, the water backed up through the exhaust and flooded your entire motor with water. You can't flush it without the motor running! If it's not running, you need to fill the crankcase with oil IMMEDIATLY! Your crank might have rusted already. Run (don't walk) and do this, then hopefully someone else will have posted what to do next here.

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    I am absolutely certain that the engine was running before the water was turned on. I removed the carbs and the reed plate and I didn't see any water on the crank. I gave it a good bath of oil and hopefully there will be no problems. I am going to take apart the carbs and make sure I got all the water out of them. I reused the head gaskets when I put the head on, maybe I need to replace the head gaskets. This has got me stumped.

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    Im still trying to understand what you are saying... water was comming out of the carbs? you mean the air box?

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    I had the air box off. I taped paper towells to the bottom of the engine bay to see if any oil was leaking. I started the engine, told my wife to turn on the hose, and I stuck my head down into the engine. To my horror, water was pouring out of the three carb holes. I thought it might be gas, so I stuck my finger in it and smelled it and it was water. I sucked out the water, sprayed some oil into the carbs, put the air box on, and tried it again. Sure enough, water came pouring out under the engine. The XR's have pee holes where the exhaust comes out. I took some weed eater line and tried to clean them out. Tried it one more time, and water came back into the engine bay. I took the air box off and sprayed oil inside the engine as much as I could. I tried to blow out as much water as I could by revving it off the hose for about 30 seconds.

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    pictures would really help here, pointing exactly where the water is coming out of...

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    The white arrows was where the water was pouring out of. The only thing I can think of is that the head gasket wasn't on correctly.

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    Im still trying to wrap my head around the fact water was pouring out from the inside of the carbs with it running... you would think it would insest the water and stall

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    but still with the engine running, how does the water get passed the reeds and pour out of the carbs?. assuming that the head gasket is puking water into the cylinders. pull the plugs and look at the cylinder walls to see if there is any washout/scouring. Richie has a good picture of this...
    maybe he can find it again and show ya...

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    you said your boat had 2 engines are you sure the engine that has the water coming from the carbs is the one that you are running. sounds like all your reeds would have to be bad for water to come out the carbs. I agree some pics of the engine compartment and both engines would help.

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