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    Need Help With 97 Venture

    We have 2 skis, a 2001 Polaris and a 1997 Yamaha Venture (760). We have not had the Venture very long but I think there may be an issue. Although the ski starts and runs really well (top end is about 50 mph) it really smokes allot. When started on trailer, white smoke seems to pour out the back, none in engine compartment. When in the water, it is not as noticeable but still smokes.

    Another concern is the fuel consumption. I have never had to refuel the Polaris while we are out, but the Yamaha will need to be refueled twice (2 5 gallon cans) while we are out and the polaris is still registering 3/4 tank.

    Does it seem like there are indeed issues with the Yamaha....could the hi fuel consumption be related to the white smoke? Any help will be greatly appreciated...

    Thank you

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    my venture 1100 smokes like a whore and uses a ton of gas...

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    The newer Yamaha's use variable oil injection.... meaning that at idle oil demand can be low so the ratio may be as little as 50:1 and as high as 32:1 at wide open throttle. The new ski's adjust themselves.

    Old school Ventures have a fixed ratio of about 32:1 which assumes that you are running at wide open throttle all the time. A little more oil at low speeds should not hurt you, but it sure smokes a lot.

    A fix: Go to a higher grade oil (synthetic) that does not smoke as much. Also, you can go premix at 40:1 which for most cruiser boats is more than enough lubrication.... especially if it is a high grade oil.

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