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    topend or total rebuild.

    I have a 2000 1200xl that the oil line came off feeding the third cyclinder. The motor locked up. I took out the motor and can see the piston from the side. It's in bad shape. Shuold I or could I rebuild the top end or rebuild the hole motor. I know what I want to do buy someone else tell me what they would do.

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    I would rebuild the whole motor. That way you can determine the extend of the destruction/damage. Also, send the crank off for a complete inspection as well or replace OEM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX951 View Post
    I would rebuild the whole motor. That way you can determine the extend of the destruction/damage. Also, send the crank off for a complete inspection as well or replace OEM.
    +1, you won`t know until it`s apart. maybe if it is a low hour crank, but then again look at the year and it woould make perfect sense to replace the seals...

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    You need to take it all apart. I rebuilt mine and something went wrong an hour into the rebuild. I belive it was just a bad gasket or me not using gasket sealer, but I started losing compression after half throttle. It is a lot of work to skip a step.

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    complete rebuild

    if you haven't puunched a hole in the case and want to do it quick and cheap, go with an sbt motor. It's not cheap to do do a full rebuild on's actually going to be more expensive if you just go with the top end, unless you are very very lucky, you will be doing the job more then once.

    if you are keeping the ski till the heull wears away, build it yourself

    if you plan on selling the ski next season, go with a commerical rebuild with a's a good selling point for some folks.

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    i went do do a top end and as soon as i had it done it wouldnt hold pressure, so i had to redo the whole thing and do oil seals. just take it all apart, especially this time of season

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    Thanks for all the info. I plan on the full rebuild. I am thinking about using PWC Engine. You can find them on the web. They have a full rebuild with a 2 year warranty. Before I send them my motor and money has anyone one used this company. Good or bad I would like to know. I have called them and they were helpful on the phone. I dont beleave this is a sbt company.

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    I just bought a ski with the same engine. It had dropped #3 cylinder as well but was still rotating. I got it for cheap by local prices. AU$3000

    I figured cylinder 3 bore would need to be replaced and sure enough it does. I can almost guarantee yours will too. US Chrome do a change over. About $330 after the refund if my memory serves correctly.
    Luckily the other 2 bores were fine. These are a nikasil bore and are far less tolerant to damage and can't really be honed. I've given them a very light going over with wet n dry before without problems.

    The pistons looked...well like pistons that had done 90 hours. Total top end rebuild.

    Most of the bearings in the crankshaft were shot, the rest weren't much better. Conrods and other parts looked ok. I'll hang onto mine in case I decide to rebuild it down the track. But for now I've ordered a Hotrods crank. You can get them for under $600.

    The way the Aussie dollar is against the US at the moment it's been cheaper for me to buy everything from the USA.

    I didn't actually get a quote on a rebuilt crankshaft but I've had cranks done before and the bearings aren't cheap locally. It may make more sense for US residents.

    So all up around $1500 in parts because I've also thrown in a few extras like Wave eater clips.

    US residents may be able to pick up a rebuilt engine for cheaper but I would make damn certain they rebuilt the crank and didn't just throw in a top end kit.

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