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    I need a parts list to do a 951 swap into my 98spx thanks!!

    Yea doing the 951 swap this winter into my 98 spx, top speed grudge racing 70mph boat is what my goal is.

    I need a parts list what am I missing

    1) 951 motor non DI what year is best to look for 98? to mate up with my current 98spx electronics or go msd enhancer in it, 1) 951 pipe or go coffmans, 951 DI waterbox from what year ski?, carbs stock i guess for now, Rinaldi reeds, maybe reed spacers too?...... what else?

    Can I use my 98spx stator/cup and Mpem they are just about perfect? I also have a 6 vane magnum pump and a rfi plastic 6 vane 140mm do I need to update to the 155mm? As far as Driveshaft, motor mounts are all the same right?

    I know i need to move exhaust to the other side, I know I need to clearence the hull to fit the pipe, I know I need to glass in the front engine mount and insall a water pipe so water can drain back and forth.

    As far as performance parts If I find them 1st while gathering parts. What is the best pipe on the 951? the coffmans I see alot. Then carbs stick with stock, also what compression head to go with so not needing full race fuel? Also reeds any benefit to an aftermarket rinaldi set. Sorry just list goodies to go along with the build since I know the 787 not the 951. And props for top speed?

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    Keep us updated on this project. I'd like to see pics too. I'm sure I'm not the only one considering dropping a 951 into a 787 ski at some point.

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    No problem but just need a parts list, also what pump to go with a 140 or 155mm??

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    You must use the 155 pump with a modded pump shoe it works great in mine I GPS 70-71 in the cool air you for sure need rinaldi reeds and spacers,Miller or rossier head with and msd enhancer,Concord prop I have a 951 engine with a new crank with rossier head already on it
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    I do know from personal experiance that there are 2 types of for a waste fire coil and one for individual coils.... It should not make a huge diff on wich one you use as far as staock electronics go. You will need a 951 MPEM and harness to go with it!!!

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    there are a few threads on this type of build. me, ziggy, airbornxp, joe stang and a few other have built one. here's the link to my build. its basically take two ski's and put them together. you will figure it out as you go. and just ask any questions here.

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    yup...heres my build thread.I had some issues with the mag cup and timing. Deanrw3 also had a build thread for a 951 XP.

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    I have a cup that came off a 01 XP with the dual ignition coils.

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