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    09 fx-sho cant break 80 mph please help!!!!

    The ski has C-5 Supercharger Wheel (15 pounds at 8700 RPM)
    R&D R4 intercooler
    Greddy blow off valve
    R&D R3 ECU
    R&D Intake cam advanced 5 degrees
    Riva intake manifold upgraded sleeve
    Riva Air filter pipe with no filter
    Riva Free Flow Exhaust
    Riva Intake Grate
    R&D Ride plate
    Modified Water box
    Skat-Trak dual prop 13-18small prop 12-22 big prop (79.3 mph 8700)
    Riva 160mm pump housing with 12-23R single impellor (79.5 mph 8770)
    Stock exit nozzle 83mm ran same mph
    GP 1300R stock exit nozzle 84mm gained more accceleration same top speed
    Modified ride plate hit 80 mph on gps one time but ski porpuses
    AFR Ratio 12.5 ski lost 3 mph set it at 11.5 ski gained 3 mph
    Sea level 72% humidity 82 degrees
    I have tried just about everything and i cant pass a consistent 79.5 mph
    great acceleration and then dies on top speed going crazy HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    that is a serious amount of mods. how many hours have you done, how is your clutch holding up. are you on stock internals interested to know as i want similar setup to you. i would try going back to 155 pump and see how that performs.

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    Fill the ride plate holes andthe speedo sensor hole with some automotive panel filler (car bog). Don't use silastic or anything that will "give". Good for 1.1mph on BigPig. That should push you over 80.
    If your after speed I'd loose the dual prop and add the TBM stuffer (but that's just a theory).

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    Ok so i got it to run 83 back to back passes i went 83.3 83.2 83.4 83.2 went back to 155 pump modded the ride plate and changed injectors

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