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    Impeller decision?

    I have a 08' rxpx that cavitates bad and hookup out of the turn sucks. Plus im only getting about 69.5 mph top speed. I think i should be going faster. Any impeller suggestions that would get me better holeshot and speed?
    Mods- 4"air intake, Riva sponsons & opas, Skat-Trak 15/19, ecu 8650.

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    Welcome to the forum

    You will want this impeller

    and the RXP nozzle (83mm)
    It's item 27 on this page of the OEM parts store

    You'll also want a new wear ring. Item 2 on the same page in the OE store


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    Sounds like my 08. Mine was the same way after some light mods. Sucker would daym near sit still and bang on the rev limiter on a hard start. That was also with the 15/19 solas.

    Right now I'm running a 15/24 yup,24 Pulls her hard on a hot day but the holeshot is back and on a cool day it will still break 8k. 74+ on the GPS. Now I just need a few mor mods to over power this prop

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    Thanks guys for your help. Looks like I got some testing to do this winter!

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