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    Post Your FZR Performance 3 Years Later!

    As the FZR watercraft is approaching 3 years in production, and the 1.8L motors are going into there 4th year of use, nearly everyone on the forum has this ski or motor is wondering whats next. To all the manufacturers, tuners, and hardcore riders who have spent countless hours of R+D and testing to make these machines fly,me and rest of the forum members would like to thank you. With some members on the forum hitting 90+ mph, and many in the 80+ range, our hopes of raising the bar are high. There are many posts on how to make these machines fit your budget and goals, and what a better way to do this is for everyone out there to post there watercraft model, modifications, and results. The goal of this post is for everyone to show there performance achieved and how to make your ski faster nearly 3 years later!

    Congrats to all the World Final winner's and participants, let us know whats new in store for this coming year!

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    We already have one of these. It's called the sho motor database and I think it's a sticky.

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