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    05 RXP Pump Questions

    I have read the "Sticky" in the FAQ's Section on pump removal and impeller replacement and still have some questions. I have changed impellers and wear rings on the older style pumps with the awful smelling oil in them. I see the newer style pumps are similar with the exception of the lube. I just took the nose cone off my friend's 05 RXP and when my removal tool, wear ring and impeller arrive I will be swapping them out. My question is with the lube, I bought a tube from my dealer, how much do I put back in and where? Do I put the whole tube in the nose cone? I cleaned the old lube out of the nose cone, clean by the way. Thanks for the input.

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    Any of you gurus out there?

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    Clean out as much of the old grease as you can, then pack as much new grease in there as you can... fill the cone completely!

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    Thanks, BigDaddy.

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