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    Thanks to wot recession

    I don't know if I should admit it on green hulk but I also get a huge fat out of riding standup ski's. I like the challenge and reward of actually pulling off a fast turn on a ski that hates me.

    I'm currently in the process of building an 1100 triple sxr. I have done these before and they are off their fooken nuts. This one is mine and I want it to be the bees knees.

    Spent 3 months of spare time grinding inside of hull, ZERO excess glue, thinned out everywhere except around mount pads and bulkhead.

    Two pack painting isn't hard. There are instructions on the fooken tin. I'll have a go at this.............

    Anyway, follow mixing instructions, pour into spray gun, wrap tee shirt around head to protect meself from harmful vapours and go for it. Looked killer!!! (through watering eyes whilst simultaneously coughing, sneezing and gasping)

    Next morning,....................................Feelin g crook, go into shed and check the ski out. I have runs, but that's not the bad bit. The runs look like the head of a badly poured beer, except they are solid. Also, the runs cover approx 80% of the painted surface!!

    Mr recession looks at it and says," in 20 + yrs of applying two pack paint, I have never, ever seen a more fookedup job!!!!!"

    In sheer sympathy for a retard, he offered to repaint it.

    I spent another 6 hrs on the sander removing my shamefull attempt at painting and he sorted it for me!!

    Looks killer now and much appreciated.

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    Australia mate fair dinkum.
    farking fantastic to see some non yammi brothers helping each other out. well done on wots part.

    I thought your scooter was bad enough denny, but a poley, might have to move this to the homo

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    Thanks eel,

    Leave it to me in your will when you crash it.
    Those type of skis weren't designed to go that fast

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