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    Question Weird glue inside 250X pump intake area?

    Hey everyone. I had to re-seal my intake grate and rideplate on my 250X this summer because my dealer didn't seal them correctly after removing my pump .

    After I removed the intake grate I looked up into the pump intake area to see what was up there. I see this clear, thin, film of glue all around the inside of the pump intake area on the gel coat. It looks looks like it was sprayed on somehow. Does anyone else have this on their ski? My first thought was to remove it reduce friction but I thought I should make sure it is not important first/

    I will post some pictures of what I am talking about over the weekend. Thanks!

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    it will most likely be silicone, the factory assemblers love the stuff...slap happy....

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    The factory workers own shares in dow corning.

    I have seen curtains of excess silicone in the pump duct. We call them haemerroids. (sp)

    Cut the big bits off with a knife and use a wire brush in battery drill to remove smearage. Won't hurt the gelcoat unless you lean on it.

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    I found the same on both of my kawasakis and I just cleaned it up with a lexan scraper that I made so it would'nt scratch the gelcoat.just rubbing it with a little pressure will remove a lot of it too.and then wax it up...Good luck

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    could it be a silicone breast implant gone wrong

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    Silicone "make good" needed to be done with our two Ultras. Used silicone remover.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone! It sounds like this is a pretty common issue. I will be removing the silicon when I rebuild my pump this winter.

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