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    2002 STX DI with strange hesitation problem. Help, VIDEOS included.

    I have a 2002 Kawasaki 1100 STX DI and it has developed a hesitation problem at start up when the motor is cold with a check engine light. For about the first 7 minutes of riding the engine will hesitate and show a check engine light. I have found that over that first 10 minutes of riding the hesitation will slowly go away (becoming less and less noticable) until it is completely gone. Once the hesitation is gone the Check Engine Light will go away if I turn the ignition off under the dash and turn it back on. Rather than try to describe the symptoms I have made a few short videos of the problem in action. Here they are below. Please check them out and let me know if you have any idea what this may be. After running the ski for only the duration of these videos this afternoon and letting it sit for about ten minutes the problem went away again completely but it will come back next time I start it up cold again, even for a flush run on the trailer. It has done this the last 4 times I have ridden it over the last 6 weeks...about every ten days. Please click on the pictures below to watch the videos. The videos show me applying steady throttle to the jet ski and how it is erratically revving. If I let off the throttle while the hesitation is there the engine will die.

    I personally feel like there is something wrong with the fuel delivery or spark because when the power is on for that brief split second it gives it everything its got and then nothing till it comes right back a split second later. Almost like no spark or no Fuel. I don't get any crazy vibrations like it was just one cylinder down either. I know compression is at 150psi on all three cylinders. We just checked it.

    I found the Kdiag software in some other threads. I cannot find the cable, part # 57001-1460. My local dealer wants $154.92 for it. If anyone here is making them, has one they want to sell, or knows where to get one on the cheap, please let me know ASAP so I can order it and get the codes off my EMM. I talked with the guys at DFI in Alabama(they will rebuild the EMM for $550) and they said my symptoms don't sound like a bad EMM. They said an EMM usually will run fine then show symptoms. Mine shows symptoms then runs fine.

    Now I have found that my laptop with Windows Vista will not run the Kdiag software! I have a laptop from Dell I bought in 2000 that still works. I think it has XP on it but I could wipe it out and install Windows '98 or '00. it does have a serial port. What do you guys know about this? Thanks again for all the help!

    I have to take the engine out of this jet ski this weekend to change the shaft carrier seal Through the hull so if this problem has a known fix I would like to know so I can get to it with I have the engine out of the bike on the lift. I just changed the engine on my 1998 GTX RFI and it runs like a top. Thanks again for all the help! Regards, Jim
    Of you want to talk about this over the phone send me a PM and I will be happy to provide my cell #.

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    I bought the cable from RIVA and will let you know what is up when I get it.

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    What the heck is that rattling sound?

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    The hood rattles sometimes at Idle. The seal under it is not too good.

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    After seven months of diagnostics and getting no where I sent the EMM to DFI Technologies in Orange Beach Alabama. They found problems with the EMM and after ~$600 with shipping and insurance my ski runs like a top again. Thanks for all the post and help guys!!!

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    Did you ever find the pin outs for the KADIAG cable ? I need it too
    I just need the cable (57001-1460),

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