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    zxi 750 cylinder sleeve help

    pulled motor out of my 1995 zxi 750 found piston c clip came out and took out piston the piston pin wore the sleeve very bad need to get and install new piston sleeve i read some forums that you can heat up jug and remove them easily and another forum said they must be machined out can anyone tell me witch way is right i am a very mechanical person and have access to a lot of equitment thankyou

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    It can be done, but for most shade tree mechanics, it's not worth the effort. I've never done it. However, it's done by heating the cylinder, which expands and the sleeve falls out.

    When you put the new sleeve in, the ports have to be aligned properly, then it still has to be bored to make the cylinder round and the correct size.

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    post a pic? most likely you can have it bored .5 or .75 over and rebuild

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    the kawi sleeve needs to be bored out, they're cast in place with a groove in the lower part, you should though be able to bore most grooves out

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    I have 750 cylinders that I'm selling out of a ski I parted out. I even have one of the pistons with rings depending on what your looking to do. Check my post in the kawi classifieds and let me know if I can help.

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