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    99 GTS Gas lines mixed up. Help!

    Hey guys So the title says it all I mixed up my gas lines on my 99 gts while replacing the lines and now I have no clue how they go back. Ive looked everywhere on the site and cant really find what Im looking for. Some of the lines are self explanatory like vent but everything else is superconfusing. Can I get a link with lots of pics? Thanks a million!

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    on the fuel sending unit you will see the nipples labeled.

    fuel sending unit:
    RET=RETURN from carburetos
    RES=RESERVE this will go to the fuel selector switch it is alsoo labeled RES
    ON=ON this this will go to the fuel selector switch it is alsoo labeled ON

    fuel selector switch:
    ON to ON from gas tank
    RES to RES from gas tank
    OUT to the fuel filter and from fuel filter to the carb main inlet, the carb thats the fattest with the fuel pump and also the one that hooks up to the pulse.

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    Thats all I needed was to figure out what those abbreviations meant. Thanks alot!

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