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    MSX 110 - Very Low Compression

    Actually... problem is low compression, not a fuel issue.

    Finished re-assembling the 04 MSX 110 that I picked up with the motor partially disassembled. I don't know the history of the ski, but it has 19 hours and probably had some water in the oil.

    Compression is in the mid 30's on both cylinders. Tested with 2 different gauges, to be sure it wasn't a problem with the tester.

    Squirting oil into the cylinders brings the compression up to 50 PSI.

    Since compression is about the same in both cylinders and there was some evidence of water in the oil, I'm guessing a bad head gasket... or a cracked head.

    I see the cylinder heads selling on ebay for a lot of money... do these engines have chronic problems with the heads?
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