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    Talking yamaha Raider 1100 triple

    well since the last post about ticking sound from my raider ,,tor it down to crank and found loose pistons !! anyway it was in time because there was no cylinder damage!! piston slap only! so gave it a quick hone ,,fast fast!! cylinders close to max tolerance but round!
    put three oem yam pistons in her and closed her up. wow if i didnt have an overhead hoist i would have been it crap !! let me explain,, trying to get the cylinders on (yamaha triple all one block) it's quite the job!! got her in and running ,,140 on all hot or cold !! water test to come !!
    any body know stock compression ? manual doesn't say ?
    all info is good
    but compression is 1 lbs close.
    note: running extra syn oil in tank for run in . smokes but sounds great now!!

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    This summer I suffered my first major engine failure on my 94 Raider. I believe it was a combination of a cooling problem and time. Parts eventually wear out and a 16 yr old engine that gets hammered WOT all the time has it's breaking point.
    I also have a 96 1100 Raider and now I'm thinking I have 2 years left on those pistons. How many hours did your Raider have on it?

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