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    Tunnel Sealing and Shaft Re-Alignment

    Hello Everyone,

    I would like some advice on making sure that I re-install my engine and prop shaft correctly to prevent any leaks via the tunnel.

    It is the first time I have pulled the shaft of any ski/sport boat. I thought that there would be more of a bearing/seal between the inner and outer hull within in the tunnel.

    But to may amazement its only a boot. I have looked at the shop manual and parts fiche several times to make sure that nothing is missing. It appears I have everything that is needed.

    So I am look for experience tips, recommendations, tricks etc on re-installing the shaft and pump perfectly to ensure zero leaks via the boot.


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    No need to realign if you DID NOT move the motor or rideshoe

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    Quote Originally Posted by jawz View Post
    No need to realign if you DID NOT move the motor or rideshoe
    Hi Jawz..the motor was removed, along with prop shaft and pump yes I need to realign..

    But is that is only a boot that stops the water from coming in????

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    Yes it is. The boot will have a carbon ring on the end of it. The carbon ring is then pushed against the top hat on the drive shaft by the boot, making a water tight seal.

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