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    Advice for winter project -2001 XLT 1200

    I am new to this forum but have been lurking in the backround trying to learn as much as possible before joining and posting this thread. I just purchased an 2001 XLT 1200 with 120 hours from a Yamaha dealer here in NJ. It appears to run fine (from the garden hose) and I am looking for some simple mods to do during the winter. The ski appears to be totally stock. From what I have read in these forums I am wondering if I should try and do the 1.) cat removal and d-plate,2.) intake grate replacement ( I have read some riders complaining about the stock intake grate and letting off the throttle at high speed can cause a sudden left hand turn and quick exit from the ski ), 3.) removal of the oil pump and switching to premix and 4.)something about power valve clips. I am not the most mechanically inclined guy, all I have ever done on my other ski (1998 Kawa 1100 ZXI) is change plugs, battery and whatever lubrication required that is listed in the owners manual. I am not so much looking to enhance the performance as I am trying to make the ski as reliable as possible so that I can get the most years of use out of it. Any advice, opinions and or links to DIY threads for whatever you guys think, would be most appreciated. Thanks.....Pete

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    You want to do/search the forum for the following.
    Intake grate
    Pump plug kit
    wave eater clips
    PV couplers
    you can keep the oil pump but you want to replace the clamps and hoses for the oil lines as they tend to shrink slightly and pop off, that where the issue is. Very rare for an actual pump failure. Pre mix is better though
    I would also have the carbs rebuilt if they havent been. There are small internal fuel screens that may clog up over time and that can cause a lean condition and blow you cylinders.
    ISLAND RACING is close by if you want to ship them out.
    If you do all of the above you will have a solid ski on your hands for many years..

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    Pete, just like scittb said, everything on his list should give you a solid reliable ski. The carbs my be a little challenging, but you should be able to handle everything else yourself with noprblems. Search, search, and search again there is a ton of fantastic info floating around. Keep in mind that your xlt shares the same motor as the gp1200r so that should give you a greater field to search for info. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the info guys!

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