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    Need help please -- 99 ultra 150 problem

    Need some help please... 99 ultra 150, it turned into a submarine, took it home immediately, pulled the motor and carbs down, electronics were nice and dry, cleaned entire engine, put it back together with new gaskets, engine looked like new, put carb kits in with new needle and seats, the ski will never start w/o priming it, will not idle, bogs out realy bad, once you get it to rev it seems to rev fine. All this is on the trailer, really can't put it in the water like this. Any suggestions? I'm thinking fuel?? I did check the fuel and no water was found.


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    Float problem maybe?

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    What caused the ski to take on water? Was it flipped? Plugs not in? The kawi's are known for the seals in the pump bearings going bad and leaking water inside the hull. Im guessing the ski was running good before it took on water? What was the reason for pulling the engine apart? Pulling out the spark plugs and turning it over and spraying some lube in the carbs would of takin care of the water inside the cases and you could have you back on the water in a couple hours... When you rebuilt the carbs did you set the pop off? Make sure the same size needle and seat were installed? The CV carbs on the ultra rarely need to be rebuilt, just cleaned. I always use the Original springs,seat,and arm when rebuilding carbs. That way if it ran good before, you know it will run fine after! Give us a little more info on what you did and maybe we can help you can get it figured out.

    When you say pulled the engine down, did you just remove the head? Or did you split the case? There could be many things causing your ski to run like that. I would start with the carbs. Hopefully you got the engine sealed up good and dont have any air leaks...

    While you had the engine out, that would have been the time to swap that bearing housing out being thats the only way to change it out if thats what caused the ski to take on water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shore View Post
    Float problem maybe?
    There are no floats in carbs on pwc engines.

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