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    Pump Housing Nut Torque Spec?

    After searching threads, and a read of the 2000 year model manual from Polaris, I am comming up with 3 different torque specs for the SLX's pump housing nuts (20, 28, and 30 ft./lbs). Does anyone know which one is the correct torque spec? These are the nuts that get tightend on the inside of the hull. Keep in mind my housing has the studs already in, and there is no external nut to tighten. Page 5.6 of the 2000 Polaris manual shows 30 ft./lbs. in the exploded view, page 5.22 shows 20 ft./lbs., and page 5.26 shows 28 ft./lbs.. I know for the earlier models it was 28 ft./lbs, but does anyone know for a 2000 SLX? The last thing I want to do is over tighten, and destroy the hull.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If I remember correctly, those studs need to be torqued to spec on the inside of the hull BEFORE bolting down the pump housing otherwise you may end up cracking the hull and bending the washers inwards. I will have to check the manual to confirm, but I do remember reading this.

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    Use common sense, observe how it is fastened to the inside of the hull, and you're good to go.

    I pulled the pump on my SL dozens of times, and probably massively overtorqued the bolts every time. I would think its fairly hard to destroy the hull in the process with a standard 3/8" drive socket set. It dosent need to be all that tight, so about 30ft/lbs probably would do it.

    If its rated for 20, youre not going to damage the hull with 30...

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