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    140mm Ex-Eric Malone Solas Aggressor Pump with 7/12 Skat Trak and Wet Wolf Cone

    Very nice. I used it very very little. Just like the title reads. It's still in my ski. I have $1200 in it or a little more. Brand new seals and bearings, which I think adds another $150 or so to what I have in it. I think.

    Price: $900 shipped lower 48. All others pay actual shipping.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What model is this ski?

    Is it a Polaris?

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    I have it in a Waveblaster right now, but it was manufactured for Eric Malone when he was riding the Octane.
    That being said, I know it will work in a Waveblaster, a Superjet, or a Polaris Octane. I don't know about any other Polaris models. I assume probably others that use a 140mm pump.

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    At one time I had a bunch of these same pumps they are very nice put 1 in my S/J

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    I had a couple experienced competitive riders hop on the ski up at Daytona this winter and each one of them said it was the smoothest they've rode.
    But I've never rode a Blaster with a Mag pump, so I personally have no frame of reference. However, I will say that when you compare the craftmenship of the Solas PUMP to a Skat Trak Mag PUMP, I think it's pretty obvious which has the better quality control dept. (but that's just my opinion, which means absolutely nothing)

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