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    Do '99 STLX (or other) parts fit on the '97 ???

    I'm thinking of buying a 1997 STLX. It looks like it's in good shape and runs well on land. I'll take a test drive and do a compression test if we agree on a price. My question is whether 1999 (and 1998, 1996, Virage etc.) parts will fit on the older one. If I buy, I'll probably clean up the ski by getting rid of the purple bumpers and grab handle and would also like to know what other parts are interchangeable. Will the 1999 pieces fit? Will parts off all the different year SLTX's interchange? I know the Virage has the 1200 and it looks a little different, so I assume many/most of the parts won't fit, but I could easily be wrong. Also, what other Polaris models have parts that interchange with the '97 SLTX? I assume most of the 1050 parts are the same, but do body panels/bumpers/etc also work on different ones? Sorry in advance if someone else already posted this question.
    Also, what's a good price for a decent condition '97 SLTX with trailer (in somewhat shabby condition) in the Northeast? It has a little over 200 hours, second owner, and looks to be in pretty good shape. It has been in some salt water (slight pitting on the ride plate, not much else), but looks like it was well taken care of. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    First off, you should know that running well on land doesn't mean much. Without a water load on the engine, you cannot tell if it has full power.

    You can check the basics, of course. Cylinder compression should be within 5% across all cylinders. Check with throttle held wide open, all spark plugs out.

    Have a look here for more tips;
    I am thinking of buying a PWC. Any tips?

    Salt water use can be hard on a PWC. If the owner was very diligent about flushing the cooling system out after every use, then it might be fine. It is not unusual for the salt/corrosion to build up inside the cooling system, and also eat into the jet pump, especially behind the extension wear ring liner. The jet pump parts do interchange, but the 1200 impeller will be different pitch from the 1050 impeller.

    The Virage model was the replacement for the STLX, with different styling. Very few if any body parts are going to interchange.

    The 1200 engine is the same physical size as the 1050, but uses different crank shaft, cylinders and pistons, etc.

    Within the SLTX model years 1996-1999 body parts are more likely to interchange. You can check the Polaris Industries online parts cross reference. Find the part on one model year, then scroll right and click on Usage. If the exact same part was used on other models, you will see them listed.

    Note that if the color of the part changed, it will have a different part number and will NOT be listed as an exact match. But if the part it fits against is the same, then they may well be interchangeable.

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