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    what is the difference between rxt x rs model and the american rxt x model?

    why they are changed? i live in south america and i want o bring an rxt from the states but rs is not sale there why and what is the difference between both? thanks

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    The rs have a different ecu only. The american ecu has gps limiter to 70 mph plus a boost limiter. european has only a boost limit that limit the ski maximum tu 74 mph with stock ecu and any chrager you will upgrade!!!

    Everything else is equal

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    with this thing, actually will be no difference in december

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    Also the intake grate is different

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    Never heard this! Not sure man! The previou year x model had different intake grate... Are you sure!?

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    My understanding is this.
    Only differences are
    1.ECU....American ski has a 70mph GPS limiter. RS ski does not have the 70mph gps limiter. *it is rumored that the limit on the RS unit is 74mph but haven't seen this confirmed.
    2.Stickers....RS ski has a sticker on the back corner designating RS.
    3.Guage functions....American model has X package on the guages*lap timer,Fuel consumption,etc.

    These are only my assumptions from the 3rd party data I have received and read online,via BRP rep,etc.

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