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    Another 2006 RXT SC Failure

    Just bought my first 06 RXT that now has 59 hours on it and a blown supercharger. Now Ive been browsing the forums...seems I need a rebuilt the least. Second, I need to inspect the front and back oil pans for shrapnel, and fix the carnage. How easy is this to do?

    Question 1:
    In my area there is a rebuilt supercharger with metal washers from a 2004 RXP from a person that races them. It has 10.2 lbs of slip, and has 10 hours on it. Hes asking $400 for it. Should I bite?

    Question 2:
    What else needs to be replaced? Oil pans? Is that it? Said guy is also selling:
    Front Oil Pump - $150
    Light scratches looks like normal wear and has never had ceramic SC washer failure

    PTO Housing/Rear Oil Pump/Stator - $350
    Light scratches looks like normal wear and has never had ceramic SC washer failure
    Question 3: I have a spare T3 Turbo sitting around the house with a .60 compressor and .63 a/r...and a buddy can weld. Cheaper to say bye bye super and hello turbo?

    Question 4: Can I do this myself over the winter?

    And lastly, I love the info and the service that Jerry provides on this forum

    Can't wait to get to know everyone better and enjoy my 215hp ski next summer with my 240fwhp turbo single cam civic

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    What let go on the Scer????Just the clutches or the bearings???If it was just the clutches you can buy a new set of metal clutches for 100 bucks..Have Jerry install and check out the Scer and youll save yourself 225 bucks...NOW if its a bearing then youll be better off buying the used one for 400 bucks...

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    seeing you have a boosted honda your not going to be happy with a stock supercharger for long...spend the money and buy a used x charger/new x charger... plan on spending 400-750 used-new... also you will need a set of 42lb injectors... If you do this you'll have a good base for a powerfull ski.. im running a stock x charger and im running 80.3 mph on gps... the x charger is more than enough... as far as the turbo set up goes.. i've built 400+ fwhp civics/integras. with little to no money spent on expensive parts... i once thought about going turbo on my ski but after looking at it, i decided there was just to many things to go wrong... EX. fully water jacketed exhaust/ turbo/wastegate ect... on top of that its a pain in the ass to get a stock ECU to compensate for a turbo set really need to be running something like a motec or something similar....this is just my 2cents as i have never built/ rode/ been around a turbo 4tec....
    My advice, x charger, 42's, 15/20r depitched, intake grate, 4in intake, wedge, free mods....see how you like that set up and if you want more throw on a rrfpr and a external ic....hope this helps....

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    haha, id love to have an xcharger. But where can you find them for $400? If i can find one for that price, I will definatly buy it. However, I cant necessarily afford new (im a college student, and I actually took a small loan to pay for the rest of this ski). Trying to fix it on a budget, I planned on putting metal washers in this winter.

    Secondly, I havent taken the supercharger out yet, but the I can squeeze the hose while the ski is running, and I can spin the superchargers impeller, although not necessarily super easily. I figured I would go ahead and get this supercharger, and sell my old one. My break ends in a week, so I gotta have the ski winterized by then.

    also, what exactly is the cost of a block on these things? does anyone know?
    and lastly, I figured out quite a lot about the motor, but is there any diagrams of everythinggggg going on in there?

    edit: found the cost of a block online, $1700 from sea doo. ouch.
    secondly, I have this tube coming from the fuel rail side of the motor (left when standing behind) that just empties into the bay? doesnt connect to anything?
    also....found a SC from a 215hp 2008 sea doo jetboat...$200 on ebay. Get that instead? Great deal...i think it has 18 hours on it.

    also, does anyone have a list of the exhaust codes?

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    last week in the fs section there was a x charger for 350.00 usd... just keep your eyes peeled...they tend to go VERY quick at that price... as far as a price for a block, it looks like you found your answer...haha...not cheap at all...but you shouldn't need a new block... most of the parts you will need can be found in the fs section also...well,atleast the expensive stuff can... im telling you from wont be happy till you get a x've got all winter, just look around on here/craigslist/ebay...

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