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    Looking for seadoo dealer in LA

    Im looking to buy 3 rxp-x's 2010 models from a dealer in LA as im wanting to import them to australia. If there is any dealers reading this or if someone knows a dealer im wanting to buy them asap.

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    damo.r I am also looking for a Sea Doo dealer so I can bring in an RXT260. If you get any info please let me know. Thanks

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    Here you go :



    Location: Fresno, CA
    Dealer: Clawson Motorsports
    Rating: Good
    Comments: Awesome Service/SalesÖ..
    Comments: Freibe knows his stuff. I'd drive 10+ hours to have him wrench on my ski.

    Location: Fowler CA
    Dealer: Diablo Motorsports
    Rating: Fair
    Comment: are really good to deal with.
    Comment:Fowler parts people are cool, know their stuff, usually cut me a deal and prices are cheaper then other places (before discount), service not that good.

    Location: Covina,CA
    Dealer: Bert's Mega Mall
    Rating: Good
    Comments: A lot of really cool salespeople. They drive a hard bargain, but if you drive right back, you will get what you want. Great Service Department. If you do go there, ask For Josh Elrod. This guy is sharp and he will take good care of you.


    Location: Long Beach Island
    Dealer: Surf City Marina
    Rating: poor
    Comment: rebuilt my sc but didnít clean my pumps or engine

    Location: Tulare CA
    Dealer: Tulare Honda/Seadoo
    Rating: Poor
    Comment: sucks since son took over from his dad
    Comment: horrible, parts are over msrp, slow to help, nobody I've talked to has anything good to say about this place.

    Location: Bakersfield, CA
    Dealer: Fred Cummins
    Rating: Poor
    Comments: Will not work on anything if itís modified in any form, donít know what they are doing. Only Randy is very smart, others are no good.

    CLOSEST TO LAX AIRPORT : Berth's mega mall, I checked on googlemap and it says about 50 minutes.

    Good luck

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