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    951 help... Got it running but it stalls over 4000RPM

    Hey, it has been a while since I've been around here but we picked up a donor boat for the 951 X-4. We grabbed a 98 XPL that was rebuilt about 50 hours ago. It had some issues when it was last ridden two years ago and the prevous owner put it in the garage and never worked on it.

    After a few hours of work we got it up and running and put it in the water, it idles fine and runs great until 4000RPM when it starts to die. I'm guessing something is wrong with the carbs. The only thing we know that was done to it is flame arrestors (though one is missing) and a primer kit. I'm sure the missing flame arrestor doesn't help but I doubt that is the entire problem I'm thinking the highspeed jets in the carbs are clogged, we already cleaned out the fuel filter and it was nasty.

    Any ideas or suggestions? Is there anything I can try before getting the carbs rebuilt?

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    Been reading around, it does have some of the gray fuel lines but there was no blue goo in the fuel filter. We will replace the lines but would like to wait and do it during the X-4 swap (At this point we are just trying to get it running well before tearing it apart to go into an x4). We have not cleaned out the carb screens as I didn't know there were any, I'm guessing this should be the next thing to do, can I do this without removing the carbs, I've NEVER done anything with carbs so sorry for all the questions.

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S. Did the crappy fuel lines stop in 2002 or 2001? I've read both.

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    If the lines are a light grey and say Tempo on them, REPLACE THEM! Don't even think about starting her up until you do so - No exceptions. You dont want to end up in the situation I am in. Chances are it is your carbs. If you feel comfortable doing it, the filters inside the carbs need to be cleaned. Its a pain to do, but worth the trouble. The rave valves could be sticking, but worry about the carbs/fuel lines first.


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    Thanks! All of the lines will be replaced, we just want to get it running before we tear into it. I don't think it has had E10 run through it, we only put 100% gas in ours (after having two of our others have problems).
    I don't really want to replace all the lines in the XPL hull only to ride it for 10 minutes and tear it down to do the 951 X-4. I can part it out for the money we have into it so I'm willing to take a chance on the lines since I haven't seen any evidence of the blue goo.

    I read that you must remove the carbs to clean the screens, where exactly are they? I figure if we remove the carbs we might as well go on ahead and give them a good cleaning all over and give rebuilding them a try.

    Thanks again,

    Oh BTW, I saw in another thread of yours that you were asking about XPL speeds, on my baby (2002 XP) It would run right about 60 stock, with a new wear ring, AAT, and a new prop she ran 61.9 on GPS with a 140lb rider.

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    Ps I havent seen 100% gas in yrs.It can have up to 10% in what you think is just gas.(unless you buy racing gas)you cleaned fuel filter but did you clean the fuel filters inside each carb???If they are even a 1/4full of green gunk and hairlike particles you will run out of fuel at top end,the main culprit is the grey fuel line between filter and the carb inlets,also be sure to clean the fuel petcock out as each old grey fuel line replacement I have done at least 1/2 of them are partially plugged,also seadoo carbs are jetted to run with the adjustable high speed in closed position ,however with open flame arrestors you should open them a turn as starting point,also the accelerator pump will also plug up.Go thru carbs change fuel lines,cleanpetcock,do not run it lean like you are,hope this helps>Marvin

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