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    changing oil and filter on a fx 140.....

    hi is there any special recommendations to change oil and filter on a 2004 fx 140 having a dry sump???? or is it just like my SHO syphon oil and replace and remove filter and replace???

    thanks ian

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    ian ive had one of these, open th oil tank at the rear, and use an oil siphon to extract the oil, tilt the ski right back on the trailer to get the most out of the tank, its impossible to get every drop out. replace with new oil and filter. i did this 3 times on mine, twice with cheap oil to flush it through and then the third was the correct oil to the correct level,
    a good tip.......... when refilling the oil to its level make sure the level is 2mm under the full line when topped up. dont fill right to the full line as this robs power and can spit oil through the air filter.

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    thanks mate.... when u say open the oil tank at the rear??? is it not like we syphon thro the dipstick???

    cheers pal

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    yes, syphon oil out through filler cap / dipstick hole

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    FX 140 Oil change

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