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    Sea Doo Spin offs

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    lol, well at least their english is better then my chinese:

    Additional info: All the metal parts are antisepticized before packaged
    Additional info: Engine overheat protect(The engine will be shut off itself if its temperature overheat(>95)
    Additional info: The magnetic switch,keep your jet ski safe and waterproof
    Additional info: Closed-loop cooling system,by coolant,which is with nice cooling effect

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    I had the pleasure, if you can call it that, of working on a Chinese GoKart and two Atv's. Junk, junk, junk! On all of them, the carbs filled up with crap from the gas tanks and gas valves. After the 3rd time, I showed the owners how to take the carbs off and clean them themselves. Other than the fact it has a Suzuki engine, I'm sure that PWC is just like all other Chinese Crap, a "Throwaway."

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    50% surcharge if you buy 1 ski
    25%surcharge if you buy 3

    ill just buy a gti

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    Quote Originally Posted by breon View Post
    50% surcharge if you buy 1 ski
    25%surcharge if you buy 3

    ill just buy a gti
    Yea but with the Sea Jet you get tha Motec dash

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    warning sticker on back of chinese made ski

    "watch for jet wash into your bodily orifices, no happy ending if it does"

    coming to a third world dock near you.

    I was approached by some other Chinese vendor to get epa certification for their skis last year. Only part of the deal that was bad was that they wanted me to buy 40 skis, pay for the epa test myself and then cut me in on 3% of US sales

    Oh yeah...u want spares?, we give you 30% off another container of skis for spares.

    "u call him DR. JONES"

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