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    97 GP1200 - Blown stator and front seal ??

    I was missing spark on all my plugs and metered out the circuits and found my stator was open. I ended up getting a lot of gas in the crank while trying to start it and priming it. When I pulled the front case, there was a lot of grease and it seemed like gas was in the front case too. I ended up pulling the engine out since I want to test the front seal - better now than later. There is some grease in the hull and it appears to have come from the starter hole.

    History - engine probably only has 100-150 hours on it and ran fine all summer - hits 6900-7000 and is only a mile or two slower than my modified XP951. I rebuilt the carbs a few years ago and milled the head so it has higher compression and needs premium fuel. Engine is mechanically sound and I use synthetic oil and winterize it every year - fogging etc. - no other problems . It was rebuilt by Yamaha twice with 5 and 10 hours on it. Turned out an oil breather valve was installed backwards from the factory.

    Question - Where can I buy a kit to block of the carbs and exhaust to pressure test this engine? I already the exhaust and carbs off - just the case and jugs now.

    I know I need a stator - 65u type - anyone have one for sale?

    If I have to replace the seals (assuming the front does show as being bad) any idea of the costs if I had the work done by someone else? I would rather not split the case myself and find someone else do it.

    Upstate Mid Hudson NY

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    After reading through the forums I realized I could simply use my pop-off pressure tester with some thick rubber gaskets mounted under the carb plate and exhaust manifolds to seal the engine block for pressure testing.

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