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    Which Carbs To Use, STX 1100?

    I just picked up an STX 1100 project. The engine was blown, and I acquired a complete 1100 engine for it. The 'Ski is a '98, which has the CV carbs, and they came with the boat. The replacement engine came with the old-style carbs, but they were removed and shipped in a separate box.

    So the question is: which carbs would you bolt up for a stock boat and why? I have not disassembled either carbs, and the slides move easily on the CVs.

    The old-style have the chokes removed and primers installed. I've had good luck with both types of carbs.

    Your thoughts?

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    I think the CV's are better for punching it out of the water when you pin the throttle from idle, and maybe they are probably a little better on fuel? At saying that I've moved from CV to 44mm for my STX-R and getting good results now (after some initial pain).

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