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    ultra 150 rev problems

    I just bought my first 150 this week and took it out today for the first time. To my surprise it didn't run "great" or "awesome" like the guy i bought it from said it would, imagine that. It will not rev past 5000 rpm, was hard to start even backfired once, stumbles on take off and the battery light flashes. When i bought it the guy started it and it started right up on the trailer and sounded great but doesnt seem to run for me. I did run a compression test and it was 100psi across all 3 cylindes. The plugs were pretty dirty so i figured i would pick some up tomorrow. Also the guy told me he mixes his fuel and the oil pump is hooked up and working. Is this a good idea i dont do this in any of my other skis. i figured this might be why the plugs are so dirty. This is my first kawi and i have a manual on the way but was wondering if anyone could start me off in the right direction while I am waiting for it.

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    First rule of buying a secondhand jetski - Never part with cash until you have water tested it, just never! A ski can run ok on a trailer not underload but be a bag of poo on the water.

    I think 100 psi is alittle low, should be neaer 130-140 psi, but at least they are all the same some maybe it's the way your testing. Change your plugs and see how she goes, might be worth a visit to the seller if still not running right but they will probly tell ya, sold as seen.

    Good Luck!

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    Congratulations, Mike! You'll love it when you get it debugged.

    100 PSI sounds OK on compression, the Ultra engines aren't as high as some of the others. You cannot remove the oil injection system on the Ultra (without a lot of work and constant maintenance) because there is a balance shaft that also requires direct lubrication from the pump.

    Plugs could be fouled. Make sure you get the right plugs for your model. The early 1999s required a special plug because the timing was advanced and it would detonate with the wrong plugs.

    Hard starting is common, installing a primer system will give instant starts. DO NOT remove the chokes from the stock carbs. They are required for proper fuel metering. Removing the chokes will result in an excessively lean condition that you cannot correct with normal adjustments.

    I'd highly suggest that you visit the Skiworx Ultra 150 site to read up on the Ultra:

    I'm a hundred miles away from you, in Midland. If worse comes to worse, I can help you with it. I go to Lake Spence from time-to-time but there's not much water left in it.

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