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    How do you get enough posts to open a WTB thread of your own?

    Help please

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    How? Just post and be helpful? If you are asking for the amount of posts needed idk.

    See how ease

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    Ok, and thanks for taking the time to reply. So how many posts do you require to begin a new thread?

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    to sell you need about 26 i think!!

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    I think it's 25, but with the amount of bad deals that have been going on lately I think that has been ramped up a bit. I would reccomend you trying to be helpful and making some constructive posts and you should get enough posts in no time!

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    This is right at the top of the classifieds:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pale Rider View Post
    This is right at the top of the classifieds:
    Andy you have made this way to easy

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    Again thanks for the information guy's. Now I understand. Trouble is it's your help that I need?! Perhaps some of you could give me some advise? I have a Riva Yamaha Pro Series Cylinder Head for my SJ. I am searching the four corners of the globe for 2x domes and 1x O ring seal kit? The part numbers are:

    RY10026-0 O Ring kit
    RY10026-D-35 Domes

    I have tried Riva who have discontinued making these parts and alot of the usual other outlets here in the UK. So now I am hoping maybe someone on the forum has some spares? What due you think fella's? Appreciate all advise?

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    Thanks alot, looks like many other people have had the same problem! I have registered tonight and hopefully may find someone selling these bits here or there you never know!

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