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    2 R&D powershots for sale - one brand new, the other 'open box'

    One of the powershots is brand new in the R/D box. The other was installed on the ski for about ten minutes and then removed. In all honesty, I did not read the instructions properly and was having difficulty getting it to work so I put it away and never went back to it. I have since decided to go a different route and am now selling both.

    The brand new one, I would like $350 for. The 'used' one, I want $300 for. I do not consider it 'used' really but I did mess with it... and I want to be fair/honest about it. I also threw its original packaging away. I will ship for free in the US.

    PM me if you are interested in either.

    The price in the store is $485 ($440 AFTER the discount) and before shipping.
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    $300 for the used one. pm me if you are interested. The shipping will be to NY.

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    pm sent.
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    $300 for the open box one- $350 for the NEW one. I will not go any lower. You can take both for $625 with free shipping. You must cover paypal fees.

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    The open box unit is sold. the other one is still available. it is brand new.

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