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    1999 1100 STX flooded out won't rev up

    I just bought a 1999 1100 STX
    that won't run correctly, the previous owner sold it after leaving the bilge plug out
    flooding the engine compartment
    plus the main electrical box has many broken white plastic connectors & seals
    that are cracked & open allowing water in and the internal components got soaked,
    electrical box was full of brown sludge, etc..

    So far I've cleaned all that out and treated all the connections with contact spray the wd -40, etc...
    I've already pulled the carbs and partially disassembled them cleaning out any water or foreign matter that I found
    the spark plugs have been changed and the engine was cranked over & over til most of the water came out of the motor
    I finally got it to run but it will not build up any RPMs
    to me it seems like thier is something wrong with the ignition system, igniter is faulty, like the rev limiter is stuck on, or the system is in limp mode, etc...

    Any others out there had this kind of problem with same model ski.
    know of usual fault when they are flooded, water soaked, submerged, etc...


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    With a situation like that, it could be anything. If it sat any length of time (more than a day or two) with water in the cylinders/crankcase, the engine is probably toast. Bearings are probably rusted, cylinders rusted, etc.

    Do yourself a favor and tear into it more. Pull the carbs/intake/reeds out and look for rust on the rod bearings. If you've got rust, it's junk. You'll have to send the crank out and have it rebuilt.

    You don't want to get very far from shore and have it blow up on you!

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    Looks like we got her going...

    One of the problems was bad connections in the plug wires
    another 1100 STX owner clued me in to this as he had a similar problem in that area

    few more things to do to it tomorrow, then I'll take it out on the Lake for a zip

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