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    2004 msx oil change

    Hi everyone im a seadoo guy and i have a quick question. I have a customer with a 04 msx turbo ski. embarrassing for me to ask this but how do i change the oil on this ski??? and what is the difficultly of doing so? please pm my in box asap with a solution for me thank you

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    Weber Oil change

    Oil removal instructions.
    #1 Remove the return line back to the sump. Add an extension hose to it so you can pump into a waste can on the ground.

    #2 Disconnect the coil input connectors & fuel injection relay / fuse, then activate the starter motor. This will drain the oil from the crankcase and sump area.

    #3 Run for 10 seconds, and then let the starter cool for 30 seconds. Repeat this cycle until the oil is completely drained from the sump and crankcase. Change the filter and re-connect the ignition & fuel pump connections at this time. Be sure to verify you have reconnected everything before attempting to start the engine,

    Refilling with Oil
    Oil change without filter is approximately 3.0 - 3.4 quarts. (2.8 - 3.2 liters)
    Oil change with filter is approximately 3.4 - 3.7 quarts. (3.3 - 3.5 liters)

    #1 Pour approx 2.5-2.8 quarts of oil into engine. Start & run for approx 30 seconds, Shut off engine, remove oil fill cap, wipe clean and re-install.. DO NOT SCREW IN.. The oil should be near the bottom of the fill line.

    #2 Take to the Lake, Desert, Snow, Etc and drive for approximately 10 minutes to ensure correct operating temperature. Shut the engine off, and repeat the “oil check” procedure above. Ideally you want the oil level near the bottom of the “Minimum” line. The oil level will rise as the engine temperature increases.

    (See information below)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Watcon View Post
    Weber Oil change

    #2 Take to the Lake, Desert, Snow, Etc and drive for approximately 10 minutes to ensure correct operating temperature...
    Do NOT idle the engine for ten minutes on land, even with a garden hose cooling connection.

    The drive shaft and impeller seals are water cooled only when the hull is floating. On land, those seals are not cooled, and can overheat. Maximum two minutes run time on the garden hose, unless the drive shaft has been removed.

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