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    Truing my hull project 2003 gpr

    It"s been a long time since I've been on here. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for the info on greenhulk! Last week I decided to flip my ski and true my hull. It took three of us to flip it. I have a hoyst in the rafters and I used a toe strap in the center and rolled it upside down. I used a 2x6 in the center of the bars and used a ski stand for the rear. Now it's nice and stable to work on. I will send pictures of my ski and what I have done. I just started it yesterday. First I filled my chips and scratches in and now the fun begins. Water woody will be coming over once in a while to check it out. I have never done this before so hopefully someone has some feed back. Thanks.

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    Post up some pics once you get started! Do you have any speed numbers and pictures of the hull before beginning work? I'd be interesting to see how much you gain from doing this. My hull is pretty nicked up underneath from the previous owner, I'm sure I could gain some from doing this as well.

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    I have a ported 1300 best speed at 4800 ft at topaz lake with tabs and 1200 grate 72.5. Best speed at 4100ft no tabs 800 grate 75 gps

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