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    96 waveraider 1100 top end rebuild

    Alright so i had to get my cylinders bored and new pistons and all that. so my next step in a month or so is gunna be to rebuild it. i was wondering if any body has any tips on how to get the pistons back into the cylinders with ease if thats possible haha. also do i need to use a torque wrench on the bolts or not??

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    Easy way I found is to stager the pistons front to rear..."front" being highest. You stay on the intake side and go each cylinder at a time while someone holds the jugs and slide each on in from the bottom holding the rings as they slide into the sleeve. It's a pita..but not too hard. The key is have someone help you that can hold the jugs up for 15-20 minutes and take your time.


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    Not that hard.I have never had someone hold the cylinders for me.Isnt that cheating lol.I use some wood blocks to hold the cylinder up on ocasion if its a hard install.You need to torque the bolts as per the service manual.

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    Agree with Scotsman. It's a lot easier to get some help, but I did mine by holding the cylinders with one hand and using my other hand to compress the rings and slide the pistons in to place.

    Definitely get a torque wrench and tighten to the manual specs.

    Using paint stirrers is a good way to keep the pistons upright. Stick them underneath the piston and then cycle the crank to set that piston on the lower case. This makes it a bit easier to get the cylinders lined up and in place.

    Just remember, don't get frustrated and take your time. Oh yeah, you'll probably pinch your fingers when trying to get the pistons inside the cylinders, but that's all part of the fun and games!

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    Here is my secret I used Paint stirring sticks to keep #2 piston from moving down. This made it simple to guide each set of rings on starting at #1 and working my way down.
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    thanks for posting guys. sorry i haven't posted back but i got my cylinders and new pistons and all my gaskets i need. but unfortunately here in Iowa its about freezing out side lol. so i think im gunna be waiting to put back together until spring time. and hopefully be able to buy some other parts ive been wanting. and i was looking into painting all the top end parts. you gus got any thoughts on that??

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