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    1995 Polaris Sl 750 Oil

    I have a 95 Polaris Sl 750 and I am rebuilding the top end. I was wondering what the best oil would be? Conventional or synthetic? This is my first ski and the previous owner ran conventional, and it is premix. I was going to run Amsoil Syn, and if I went to syn would i need to drain the gas and fuel and start with fresh?

    Also do I need to winterize it if I dont put it back in the water, being the whole top end is rebuilt?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    All TC-W3 grade oils should be mixable and compatible, so there is no reason to drain the old pre-mixed fuel out before switching to another oil.

    I won't get into the oft-covered subject of 'good' vs. better oils. Any high quality 2-stroke oil will do just fine, either synthetic or traditional. It must of course be compatible with your engine type, so avoid the bargain type minimum grade TC-W3 oils, often sold for outboard engines.

    Winterizing is mostly about corrosion protection, not water freezing. When you get it running, a few quick blips of the throttle should purge most of the excess water out of the water box. Tip the nose of the trailer up to ensure the cooling system is fully drained. It is supposed to be self-draining even when level, but getting the nose high ensures enough water gets out.

    Protect the engine with a good dose of engine fogging oil.

    Be sure to stabilize the remaining fuel in the tank, or drain the fuel tank completely and use it in your snow blower. If the fuel has already been sitting for more than a month or two, find another use for it.

    You can find more extensive winterizing info using the Search feature.

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    Youre really not going to notice any difference on a carbed 2 stroke with a quality oil to the 'best' oil. If you can get Amsoil HP Injector locally easily, I would probably run it. And I would say a semi-synthetic blend is the minimum, since the Polaris Blue is a blend, and the Polaris Gold is 'fully synthetic'. I wouldn't run the cheapest oil I can find that has the TC-W3 rating, but some people do and it runs just fine.

    Oil isn't nearly as important on a 2 stroke as it is on a 4 stroke. It always is burning new oil, never recalculates the old, and has a full ball bearing crank. Pick a oil thats available and dont worry about it for a stock motor.

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    You will get 200 opinions from 100 different people on this one! Lots of guys use Amsoil, Redline, Klotz, Wal-mart special, etc.... I use Amsoil Injector because it is blue! Blue is the fastest color!

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    Penzoil Full Synthetic from Walmart. I use in all three of my ski's at 50:1. I have had not oil related problems and a lot less smoke.

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    Thanks for all the replies! I appreciate it

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    Also what ration should i mix it?

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    The general concensus is that the premix should be at 40:1 once you are broken in, and 32:1 for break-in.

    I run Amsoil Injector at 40:1 and have had great success with it. I like it because it is blue. Next spring I may switch to Amsoil Interceptor because I should have my other motor built and I want the extra protection, the only thing is that the Interceptor is yellow and I don't like that as much....I may have to go to Amsoil Dominator if it bugs me too much, it is red.

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