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    Xl or Gpr intake duct?

    I have a 99 Xl 1200 and it has the rounded style intake duct and I was wondering if anyone has swapped to a flat style gpr intake duct. Seems like it would flow into the rideplate better. I know i woud have to get a new intake grate but o well might be worth it.

    Rounded Bottom

    Flat Style

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    People replace the XLL and XLT pump shoes with the FX pump shoe to cure this problem. Jim used to sell this as a complete handling package for the XLL/XLT skis and has since stopped using them. Having personally had a high powered XLT with an FX shoe I can tell you that the increase in speed is NOT worth in increased safety risk! The ski feels great but becomes unpredictable at top speed. My ski took a sudden sharp right at 72 mph which sent me skipping across the water.

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