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    Exclamation winterizing HELP !

    Ok I know this has ben ran over befor probly BUT I need to know!!! can you guys TELL me how to witerize this 2001 polaris virage jet ski i bought at the start of summer ??? I called the closest dealer to me 112.miles away they just want ya to bring it to them altho there outa the jet ski business tho they'll winterize it for 150.bucks NOT ! I'll put it in the liveingroom befor I give that$$$

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    I think you can find the info you need in several places around here.

    The links in my signature are often helpful

    Also, use the Search function to look for winterize and winterizing

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    just what I needed !! THANK YOU ! I have 1 question I saw where there was a foging KIT ! you can buy for the ski ?? where can you get them ? and are they hard to install ??

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    Arrow Winterizing carb engines; using the Polaris engine fogging kits 2872635, 2871480, etc

    Quote Originally Posted by thefuzz View Post
    ...a fogging KIT ... you can buy for the ski ?? where can you get them ?

    and are they hard to install ??

    As far as I know, all the Polaris fogging kits for carburetor engines are similar. They consist of a small tank that holds liquid fogging oil, a plunger type manual pump, and tubing to tee into the carburetor fuel feed hose.

    Note: Apparently the fogging oil kits were standard on some International models where the primary market is salt water riding. In salt water, Polaris recommends fogging the engine after every day of riding.

    Note: There are no fogging kits for the Ficht fuel injected engines.

    When you pump the knob while the engine is idling, the fogging oil is delivered into the carburetors. The fogging oil then enters the engine, where it internally coats and protects the crank case and cylinders.

    The fogging oil will cause the engine to run very rough or even stall. This is normal.

    The exhaust will also smoke as the oil passes through the combustion chamber. Once it is fully fogged, the engine should be shut down and not started again until springtime.

    Normally it only takes a few seconds to fog the engine, so there is no need for garden hose water cooling. Just start it up, blip the throttle a few times if needed to clear excess water from the exhaust water box, then pump the fogging oil in.

    There seem to be a few different versions of the Polaris fogging kit, which differ in mounting bracket and possibly some other details. Even if the kit was meant for another PWC model, it should be adaptable to your situation. You may need to fabricate a different bracket or modify the one it comes with to fit.

    While the fogging kit seems convenient (and I suppose it is) many of us just use the spray cans of fogging oil. The only difference is that the spray stuff requires you to remove the flame arrestor (one or two bolts) to get the spray aimed down the carburetor throats while the engine is idling.

    On later model years some flame arrestors have little plastic screw caps in the flame arrestor cover. You can unscrew these and direct the spray down into the engine without removing the entire flame arrestor cover.

    With the spray fogging oil, the engine may or may not stall out. In fact, with the fuel injected engines they tend to increase in RPM. In any case as soon as the oil has been fed into the engine, shut the engine off..

    Polaris fogging oil kit part numbers (partial list);
    2872635 1999-2004 Genesis, Virage TX, Virage, Freedom
    2871480 ???
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