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    Gpr1200r power valve problems

    New to this forum .I am rebuilding a gpr1200r and am not sure which way around the power valve goes i have a factory workshop manual which is not real clear. I have searched the net .Heaps of info on power valves but nothing saying which way around they go . I also searched images and have seen them installed both ways now i am fully confused. Which way is the right way. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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    Welcome to the Hulk.
    The angle should be aligned with the roof of the exhaust port as pictured.
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    Thanks for the help beerdart it's good to be able to confirm with others Thanks again.

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    welcome to the forum

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    Hi folks,
    I have a GP1200R (2001) also. The middle power valve stem has snapped off at the lifter and the valve is stuck. Luckily not much damage caused, only reading 10 psi lower than the other cylinders. I'm fairly new to working on Yamahas. But it seems obvious that I will have to remove the cylinder from the motor in order to extract the power valve and install a new one. Not like the Seadoos where the RAVE valve can be removed from outside the motor. Just want to confirm that I'm not missing something here before I do more disassembly. So far when trying to take off the exhaust manifold one of the upper studs is coming unscrewed from the cylinder, rather than the nut loosening. As the manifold is blocking the stud from fully extracting, I may have to cut off the stud and get a new one.

    So I've already removed the cylinder head, power valve cover and allen screw in the power valve case (not sure what that screw does). Pushing on the power valve axially, it moves away from the piston a little, but I can't get ti to even start to move into the cylinder for extraction. Is this normal? What else do I need to do to remove the power valve?

    So I've been reading threads here, including "My Rebuld Thread". Seems a power valve breaking is not uncommon. Is it recommended to go with a stock replacement? I would think buying used power valves would be risky for future failure. How would it be if I replaced just this one with an R&D or Riva brand, and kept the other 2 as stock? I plan to sell this ski once it's all fixed up. But do not want to compromise reliability. I already have the new WaveEater clips ready to install

    Thank you for advice,

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    jd if you take all the bolts out of the ex. manifold then work the two nut and studs out at the same time you wont have to cut them. the power valve will come out the top you just to work with it.

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    Thanks for the guidance. Nice time savings. Does the PV roller bar need to be removed in order to extract the PV? Looks like it does, as the broken PV lifts out about 3/4" and then interferes with the roller bar. As this is the middle cylinder, I removed the roller bar circlips on this one and the rear cylinder PV, removed the allen screws on the PV retainers and started sliding the roller bars sideways toward the rear, but they do not easily move far enough out of the way. Is it just a matter of tapping them a little harder? Being careful not to force and damage things.

    Is the motor designed so an unsecured PV should not slide down into the path of the piston? The one I'm working with stops abruptly right at the edge of the cylinder before engaging the piston and even with a little coaxing will not got any further while the piston is fully lowered. Wondering how folks are getting a wrecked piston most of the time the PV fails.

    Once I get this broken PV out, what is the conventional wisdom on best option for replacement? Thinking about going new stock, as I'm not ready to spend the money on all 3 with high performance ones.

    Thank you for the kind advice

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    pv slide up out the top , no need to remove cylinder , you do need to slide the pv actuator bars out if the way..(dont forget the little allen bolt holding the pv sleeve to cyl )........I broke a pv about a month ago..piston 170 plus the hassle of re-breaking in that cylinder and the cost of pv' the r&d valved....the peace of mind is like having good tires on your truck...

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