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    Ignition coil

    What would be the easiest way to determine if an ignition coil has gone bad? I put new plugs in and now it feels like it's running on 3 cylinders and the exhaust sounds a lot different. I've checked the plugs and one looks like it has no burn on it at all.

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    remove the coils and then put them back on, you may have not got a good seal or the plug may not be on one of them properly

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    maybe a spark tester?

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    Look at each plug and see which one is soaked in gas. Or if you have an infrared temp gun. Start the ski, let it run for a second. Point the temp gun at each of the 4 exits on the exhaust manifold right at the head. Look for the temp differences. Should see a variance in one for the dead cylinder.

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    if you have a multimeter you can ohm them, not sure what the resistance should be but you should have the same numbers all across.

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    Also unclip and reclip the gray connector from the harness to the coil. While you have it off, verify there's not corrosion or broken pins in the connector.
    If nothing else works, switch out two of the coils & plugs to see if the problem persists & moved plug still looks new.

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    Thanks for all the helpful advice. Got it fixed now (really stupid on my part, the quick connect came apart when I was changing and didn't see it right away).

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