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    Smile vts giving me heck!!

    I have a 2004 rxp that trim was dead I checked all wiring,removed cover unplugged harness fed 12 volts directly to motor it worked both directions,So I ordered a vts housing with electrics ,transfered drive motor hooked it all up and dead no trim showing on gauge (out) I do have 12+volts in power plug of vts connectiopn,is it possible I got a bum vts housing from parts select???switch on handlebars fine all connections ok,any ideas???Thanks in advance>Marvin

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    you probably just need to reactivate the vts in the buds system. Did you just recently disconnect your battery?

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    Mine did same thing a year ago, check your wiring harness where it plugs into MPEM, you gotta a loose connector on the plug ins.

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    Thats first thing I checked was the connections on mpem and fuses,all good ,I dop have power to vts when key is on just no funtion up or down and gauge is blanknot that I know of candoo pro showing 1607 mpem fault and p1517 compass out of range also p1680 communication problem detected by mpem ,is the vts with these models a big problem ??or is it a rare problem?Thanks>Marvin

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    Smile just so you know

    If the 2004rxp doesnt have depth finder and it is checked under mpem options it first must be unchecked before mpem will take vts on mpem write hope this helps others

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    Take your ski to the dealer and have them reactivate your VTS with BUDS. Should only cost you $20-25.

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