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    winterize non-running ski?

    What are you guys thoughts. I've searched and found alot of info on winterzing however, my carbs are off and sent to oside bill (I should have sent them sooner) and I'm working on installing the updated inserts for the shoe and rideplate. My gp1200r may or may not be back up and running before the temp drops below freezing here. Is there something I should drain to keep it from freezing? Maybe try and use compressed air or something? Worried about trapped water freezing and breaking something. When I last pulled it out of the water I did start it on the ramp but I've read there is still alot of water left.

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    if the exhaust is off theres no water anywhere. just fog the cyl's i guess and you should be good.

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    The stinger is off, will that allow enough of the water to drain?


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    if you have it apart and want to be sure pull the waterbox out and drain that, other than that theres not many other places that hold water.

    anyone else comment

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