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    Odd Ultra 150 problem, weak power, 5k rpm

    Hey everyone, i have an odd issue and that i cant immediately figure on my 2002 Ultra 150
    I was out on the water Saturday, and after a long 2hr ride at various speeds, the ultra engine started feeling like it was missing. No loud noises or metallic sounds. Rode for a bit more at around 30mph. Then the missing seemed to stop, but it then felt like it was REALLY lacking power, smooth, but lacking full power.

    Then, from a full stop it will slowly get on plane and max out at about 5100 rpm, 40 mph. The engine also does not sound strong, for some reason it just doesnt sound "right" if you know what i mean. Rode it about a mile back to the dock with no additional issues. The rpms and mph are consistent. First i was thinking fouled plug, so i felt the cylinders once on the trailer....all seemed about the same amount of warm.

    Back home. Pulled the plugs, all moderately black...#2 a little more than 1 & 3. None of them wet or oily. Checked compression.....all cylinders good, around 110-112 psi.

    Put in some new plugs, gapped properly, and fired it up on the trailer (w water of course). Fired up just fine....but doesnt sound "right". Also ran my 2001 Ultra on the trailer (next to it) and it sounds different.

    The sound is kind of like when you can hear the lifters on a car engine....maybe a very slight ticking. After i ran both skis on the trailer for a few minutes, felt all cylinders (on both skis) and all were comparably warm.

    FYI, running triple pissers and water has never stopped flowing. I doubt it has anything with the pump, checked it and clear of debris. Also, pump was rebuit with new Solas prop about 10 hrs ago.

    What gives.......any help or ideas is appreciated. Of course, i will take it out this weekend and check things again. I think i have read somewhere that sticking reeds can cause lose of power?? Anyone ever experienced anything similar.

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    Try TPS sensor faultfinding. (trottle position sensor)

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    Do you clean it or replace it?

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    My '99 did the exact same thing. However my compression test was 145-0-140. Yes zero in #2.(and it'll still run) Needless to say, rebuild is in order.
    Kaboom's compression looks low to me?!

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    Check the slides in the carbs... make sure they're all still sealed and raising properly.

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    Will check them tommorrow, thanx!

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    I had a very similar prob with my ultra, i replaced the heat sensor in the exhaust as the wires were faulty and it ran beautiful after that.

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