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    Mavericks Surf Contest 2010

    Shawn Alladio of K38 headed up the training program for the 2010 Mavericks big wave surfing contest. The select team was comprised of the top fielded watermen familiar with the infamous big wave break.


    For the first time in History, viewers can see what a water rescue professional's work feels like through the GoPro and David Pu'u imagery. Enjoy the captures from the water rescue team perspective in large waves at Mavericks during the contest on a deep winter swell in California. A personal view into a world only a few have experienced.
    The 2009-2010 Mavericks Big Wave Surfing Contest water rescue team organized through the efforts of the Mavericks Surfers. Shawn Alladio was appointed as the Mavericks Water Safety Director and tasked to train a team of watermen who had local knowledge of the Mavericks big wave location at Pillar Point, Ca.

    The team was chosen and the training began up to and through the Mavericks contest day and a follow up K38 Open Water Rescue Boat course in Morro Bay CA.

    Working under the leadership of Katherine Clark, the Mavericks contest event organizer, the team rallied through emails, phone calls, and a 24 hour notice with limited on water time.

    K38-Mavericks Water Rescue Team:
    Vince Broglio, Russell Smith, Garrett McNamara, Ryan Augenstein and Shawn Alladio.

    The K38 rescue support team rounded out with Ryan Levinson and reknowned Challenged Athlete, Jonathan Cahill and David Pu'u who documented the rescue teams story.

    Brazilian big wave surfer Carlos Burle (orange jersey) is shown being recovered on Shawn Alladio's rescue board during the competition on a Go Pro camera attached to her rescue board. Zach Wormhoudt in the yellow jersey is recovered right before Mushroom Rock by Russell Smith wearing a GoPro chesty.. Garrett McNamara's helmet mounted GoPro catches some of his on-water work from the prestigious event. .

    Many other fantastic staff and unrecognized volunteers worked the event land and water based, deserving many accolades for their support.

    K38 Water Safety Sponsors:
    Kawasaki Motors Corporation, Liquid Militia Clothing, American Watercraft Association (AWA), Hydro Turf, Gath Headgear, Hotline Wetsuits, OTB Boots, quakysense, Mustang Survival, Betty Belts, K38 GEAR.

    Rescue Water Craft:
    Honda Aquatrax-BZ rescue boards
    Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra LX-K38 rescue boards

    K38 Boats were dedicated in honor of USMC Recon Captain Priddy whom was fighting stage 4 Lymphoma cancer for the second time. Please keep cancer patients and survivors in your prayers. We thank the athletes and organizers for the opportunity to serve their event.

    These men did an outstanding job at an event that was declared 'historic', it was a pleasure to work for them.

    Special thanks to David Pu'u for the imagery. GoPro cameras provided the water captures, thanks Brad!

    Good Times!

    K38 Boats Dedicated in honor of:

    JAY -Jay Moriarity 'Live LIke Jay'
    PUA - Hawai'ian Water Woman
    RELL -Hawai'an Water Woman
    OCEANIA- Named after my youngest daughter per her request

    Pillar Point Harbor Department
    State Lifeguards
    USCG Station San Francisco
    San Mateo County Sheriff
    Half Moon Bay Fire

    I am extremely greatful for David Pu'u and his photography captures. This presentation was due much on his part and professionalism.

    Featured Music: Acid King "Carve the 5"

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    Nice video I dint known there are big rocks like that, out that far . You better know that before riding out there. How many skis have slammed into them? When it is flat out there someone should blast the tips off those rocks.
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    that was a great video,ya need to make a dvd I could watch it for hours

    thank cdpcb

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    Shawn that was awesome stuff, Huge walls making their own rainbows intense for sure.

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    Shawn Great Video!!!

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    Very cool , you guys/girls have guts !!...More please.

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